Who I Am

My name is Sean Grabowski. Founder and host of The Mindful Steward publication & podcast.

I love to create. I love to connect, and I love to experiment. Curiosity is my driving force, inspiring me to continuously explore new avenues of personal expansion, personal expression, adventure, and creation.

What I am about

I am an advocate for the holistic view of personal wellbeing through self-awareness, mindfulness and the practice of meditation. Lifestyle engineering begins with the body, but it comes from the mind.

My Story

It was about 6 years ago when I was first exposed to the world of mindfulness, meditation, and general self-improvement work through the book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It was a book I first decided to read when recovering both physically and from the depression caused by a torn ACL in my left knee. As timely as it was, it was the injury that completely shattered my plan to move to Whistler a month later, where I would spend the following years pursuing further success in snowboarding, the only thing I truly cared about. Following a powerful prompt from this book, my recovery became a time of personal re-evaluation, where I had (probably too much) time to contemplate everything that was important to me.

As a completely new and unfamiliar activity, I slowly began to utilize writing as an outlet for creative expression. In writing, I found huge amounts of personal value and satisfaction. It quickly became something I fell in love with, as it forced me to create and learn new concepts completely on my own. Up until that time, I had certainly rarely done anything like this, at least on an individual capacity. From that time until now, this project has shaped my career in advertising, my studies of mindfulness and meditation, and has had a major impact on communities and the people I have been fortunate to connect with. It has encouraged me to travel and fill my life with passions and new experiences.  It has forced me to leap outside my comfort zone and learn valuable things in terms of both who I am, and skills I can utilize elsewhere. It has helped shape my worldview in ways I can’t even begin to put into words.

In simple terms, this project is one of the many things I am passionate about. I record and connect with some of the most inspiring freethinkers out there today. I write and share articles on mindset, adventure, and lifestyle. I help people harness the power of their mind to create possibilities in their lives.

Just like all of us, I am a complex individual, but for me, The Mindful Steward is one of the many things I can truly call, fun.

What I Do

Podcast & Publication

I share original content on personal expansion, freethinking & individual fulfillment, interviewing a wide range of thought leaders within the industry.

Mindfulness & Meditation

I teach and train individuals how to meditate and practice mindfulness for the sake of performance, health and a mental health.

Coaching & Mentoring

I support individuals in reaching their full potential by starting from where everything begins, their mindset and their conditioned beliefs.

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